I subscribed on Roku but can't access the content

**Roku access is back!**

If you already have an active subscription purchased via Roku, the app will first attempt to link your purchase from Roku to an account on our site, but sometimes you may need to manually restore your purchase.

To restore a subscription, open the Roku app and select the Restore Purchase button in the lower right corner of the screen. 

(Alternatively, you can try to sign up again; after choosing a plan, the app will check to see if you already have an active subscription before we let you continue. If this is successful, the app will display a "We found an existing subscription" message. Select Restore subscription from here.)

After pressing the Restore button in either of the above scenarios, the app will try to match the Roku purchase with an account on our site and attempt to log you in. In most cases, you will then see the success screen and you can start watching.

However, if you instead see a screen indicating you are not subscribed with this Roku account, please contact support for further assistance (tvsupport@jumpsport.com).