Can't decide on a Fitness Trampoline?

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Buyer's Guide

Having trouble knowing which Fitness Trampoline is right for you? Need help choosing? Here are some key points to consider.

How do I know what size to get?

    We offer two frame sizes, 39" (200 & 300 series) and 44" (400 & 500 series). The legs on all but the model 200 and 230f arch another 1.5" outside the edge of the frame creating a footprint that is about 3" wider than the frame size. All models are 12.5" off the ground.
    The 44" trampolines can handle higher bouncer weights because they use our extra-firm EnduroLast elastic cords. All 300 and 500 series trampolines come with adjustable cords that allow the bouncer to adjust the firmness of the bounce. Confirm that the weight rating of the model you are interested in meets your needs.
    Shop by Weight Rating:
    This factor is fairly subjective, but we recommend that anyone over 6' use a 44" trampoline. Bouncers under 6' may still prefer the 44" model because it gives them more space to move and provides a firm and fast bounce.

I'm concerned about storage.

What is the benefit of adjustable cords?

    The 300 and PRO series come with adjustable EnduroLast elastic cords — proprietarily formulated elastic cords designed to last for millions of bounces. Our patented knot system allows the bouncer to tighten individual cords, creating different firmness levels, depending on how many or how tight each cord is adjusted. 
    Some bouncers like a deeper bounce, and they will keep it on the default (softest) setting — a deeper bounce often means the bouncer has to work harder to keep up with faster tempo workouts. Some bouncers like a faster, firmer bounce and choose to tighten all of their cords or they choose a PRO model because it comes with 6 additional cords creating a firmer bounce. Note that the depth of the bounce is also dependent on the bouncer's weight — heavier bouncers might bounce too low on a deeper bouncing trampoline while a lighter bouncer might find it is just right.
    All bungees soften over time, but our system design allows you to get more life out of your EnduroLast Elastic Cords by adjusting the tension of the cords. On its default firmness setting, bounce quality is sustained for about 400,000 bounces for 39" models and about 530,000 bounces for 44" models. Once the trampoline reaches this point, the bouncer can simply tighten each cord by one knot and the bounce quality will return to its original feel and last approximately another 400,000 or 530,000 bounces. The same process can be repeated again at the end of this cycle to reach a total of 1.2 million or 1.6 million bounces. Note that these bounce counts are conservative estimates for average bouncers who do deep bounces every time — actual cord performance may be longer if bounces are more gentle or the bouncer is lighter.

Why should I choose a PRO model?

  • 20% STRONGER
    PRO trampolines come with 36 EnduroLast Elastic Cords whereas the standard models come with 30 cords. Though each cord is exactly the same, the additional 6 cords provide a firmer, faster bounce that lasts longer — approximately 400,000 more bounces than the standard models. Each cord wraps around the frame in a unique way that creates 4 lengths for each cord installed — that means PRO units have 144 lengths of elastic between the frame and the mat and standard units have 120 lengths.
    More cords and more adjustability mean your EnduroLast Cords will last longer. Over time and extended usage, your cords will naturally soften — make each cord firmer to restore the original feel of your trampoline and extend the life of your trampoline.
    PRO models go through a special double powder-coating process that delivers an ultra-durable finish that fits in with any home or studio decor. 

Should I choose a Skirt or Padded Petal Mat?

    The Skirt Mat extends the useable jumping space of the mat about four inches beyond the tensioned surface. It is a continuation of the jumping mat material and covers the connectors and the majority of the cords. All 300 and 500 Series trampolines include enhanced lay-flat nylon webbing strips that holds the skirt down and in place.
    The Padded Petal Mat extends the useable jumping space of the mat about five and a half inches beyond the tensioned surface. This extension is comprised of five overlapping independent petals that each include a 1/4" of foam that covers the connectors and the majority of the cords. All 300 and 500 Series trampolines include enhanced lay-flat nylon webbing strips that holds the petals down and in place. 
    The extra pads protect bouncers from feeling the connectors under the petals as much as they do with a skirt mat. As each padded petal is overlapping, there is a slight friction noise. The skirt mat is slightly lower profile, has no friction noise, but provides no additional padding. The 200 and 400 Series do not have enhanced lay-flat nylon webbing strips, but still provide similar mat extension.

I'm concerned about price. Why are JumpSport Fitness Trampolines more expensive than cheaper trampoline brands I could buy on Amazon?

  • JumpSport has a long history (since 1997!) of engineering the safest and highest quality trampolines at every price point. We use the best materials, including specially formulated elastic cords for performance and durability, and ensure the highest quality products as reflected in our industry-leading warranty.
  • The 200 Series are our lowest priced 39" trampolines and the 400 Series is the most affordable 44" trampolines. While these models don't have every feature of our higher priced trampolines, they are designed to have interchangeable parts and use compatible accessories as the higher priced models. Why is this important? Upgrades over time are easy! Example: If you buy a Model 220 today, you could upgrade to adjustable cords, extra firm adjustable cords, or a more enhanced mat when the time feels right to you. 
  • For the most budget-conscious customers, we've created the JumpSport Home Fitness Trampoline line manufactured by our partner, Stamina Products. These products do not have interchangeable parts or compatible accessories with our standard line, but provide you with the most affordable way to experience JumpSport quality at the price point that's best for you.