How do I adjust the cords on my 300 or 500 series fitness trampoline?

Adjusting Your EnduroLast Cords

  • Turn your trampoline upside down so the legs are pointed towards the ceiling. 
  • Find the end of a cord with the knot in it.
  • Pinching the knot, pull the cord toward the center of the trampoline until it is thinner like a stretched rubber band.
  • Once stretched, move in and out of the plastic connector to adjust the knot up or down.
  • Alternate patterns for different knot counts and models.

Recommended FlexBounce Tension Configurations

  1. Soft (standard configuration)
  2. Soft / Medium (repeat)
  3. Soft / Medium / Medium (repeat)
  4. Medium 
  5. Medium / Firm (repeat)
  6. Medium / Firm / Firm (repeat)
  7. Firm 

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