What is PowerBounce?

PowerBounce™ is an additional layer of springs that you can add to any AlleyOOP, JumpSport Elite, or JumpSport Classic trampoline. Typically, the more springs you have on a trampoline, the better the bounce performance. Our trampolines with PowerBounce technology not only add more springs, but each additional spring connects to a PowerArm™ that has 3 settings (see image below: low (1), medium (2), and high (3)). The higher the setting, the higher the bounce performance. This allows you to tailor your trampoline to a wide range of users, since you can adjust the tension based on who is using the trampoline. Heavier users may want to use the medium or high setting of the PowerArm, while younger/lighter users will probably want to use the low or medium setting. To fully engage the benefits of the system, jumpers need to be at least 80 lb. 

How to buy PowerBounce

You may select the PowerBounce option on a product page when you purchase your trampoline or you can purchase a PowerBounce Upgrade Kit by calling us direct.