Should I get the 350 or 350 PRO?

The 350 PRO is an upgraded version of the Model 350.

Model 350 PRO Model 350
All black frame Sliver gray frame with black legs
36x EnduroLast 4 knot cords 30x EnduroLast 3 knot cords
7 Firmness Settings: Frim to Extra-Firm 5 Firmness Settings: Soft to Firm
300 lb weight rating 275 lb weight rating
Private Use Cord Warranty: 4 years
Private Use Cord Warranty: 3 years

Both fitness trampolines deliver a studio-quality experience at home, have arched legs, skirted mat extensions over the EnduroLast cords, and 60-day free-trial access to JumpSport Fitness TV.

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