Fitness Trampoline Installation Videos

Most JumpSport Fitness products come almost fully assembled. Below you will learn how to install the legs, open and close a folding trampoline, replace the cords, adjust the cords, and Strength Training Kit, PlyoFit and PlyoFit PRO assembly instructions. 

Leg Installation

The installation process is simplest for all solid frame fitness trampoline. Place the legs on the frame and tighten bolt as tight as possible. Done!

How To Safely Open A Half-Fold Fitness Trampoline

How To Safely Close A Half-Fold Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Model 430 Installation, Frame & Cord Assembly

EnduroLast Elastic Cord Replacement

EnduroLast Elastic Cord Adjustment

Strength Training Kit Assembly

PlyoFit Adapter Assembly

PlyoFit PRO Adapter Assembly