What are EnduroLast Elastic Cords?

No two bungees are alike. Through rigorous research and development, JumpSport designed EnduroLast™ Elastic Cords for optimal durability, performance, and comfort. This article compares EnduroLast cords to standard bungees. 

Testing Procedures & Analysis

In order to determine the best bungee design for rebounding, real-life testing was conducted at commercial fitness facilities and controlled variable analysis was conducted using state-of-the-art testing equipment, i.e. cycle testing machines that measured repeated pull forces exerted on the bungee set to comparable bouncing metrics. Bungees that fell below a "Low Performance Threshold" of not being able to support a set amount of force were deemed unusable. Maximum bounce counts were recorded and translated into usage hours. 

Why EnduroLast Cords Are Superior

The following highly advanced, proprietary and/or patented EnduroLast features were determined as a result of extensive bungee testing to deliver the ultimate mini-trampoline bounce. 

  • EnduroLast cords are the longest on the market—Compare: Shorter bungees deteriorate quickly due to high stress levels
  • EnduroLast cords have significantly higher elasticity (stretch length)—Compare: The elasticity of standard bungees is short
  • EnduroLast cord thickness and length is optimized to deliver the most forgiving bounce—Compare: Too soft or too firm bounce feel can result in bodily harm or early performance degradation
  • 3- and 4-knot EnduroLast cords are adjustable and increase the useable life of the cords by pulling bungees tighter after reaching the Low Performance Threshold; additional benefit is that jumpers can choose their preferred firmness setting—Compare: Fixed length bungees do not last as long and are the firmness is not customizable
  • JumpSport Fitness Trampolines come with 30 or 36 independent EnduroLast Cords—Compare: Fewer individual cords or long, spiraled cords deteriorate quickly due to high stress levels
  • EnduroLast cords connect to molded plastic connectors designed to reduce friction—Compare: Fabric mat connections twist bungees and create high friction points that cause bungees to fray and break quickly
  • EnduroLast cords are knotted, not looped with the connection point at the end of each cord—Compare: Looped bungees have increased stress levels at the loop connection point in the middle of a bungee because the connection does not stretch, causing bungees to break quickly
  • EnduroLast cords are comprised of layers of protective, woven polypropylene and a high density of inner elastic strands that work together to reduce friction and heat—Compare: Simple bungee composition results in high friction coefficient and early failure

Bounce Counts & Hourly Usage Estimates
The hourly usage estimates are dependent on bounce rigor, subject weight, bungee length and composition. Mild "health bounce" usage, where the jumper's feet don't leave the mat, may equate 10,000 bounces to 6 hrs of usability before the low performance threshold is reached. Aggressive, high, deep bouncing may only equate 10,000 bounces to 1 hr of usability. These hourly estimates are not guaranteed and are used for comparative purposes only.

Generic Bungees

  • Wrapped style - long cords wrapped "candy cane style" between mat and frame, tested to 20,000 bounces (approx. 2–12 hrs of usage)
  • Short - looped, tested to 100,000 bounces (approx. 10–60 hrs of usage)
  • High-end competitor - looped, tested to 400,000 bounces (approx. 40–240 hrs of usage)

JumpSport EnduroLast Elastic Cords

  • EnduroLast 2 Cords - two knots, tested to 400,000 bounces (approx. 40–240 hrs of usage)
  • EnduroLast 3 Cords - three knots, 5 adjustable tension settings, tested to 800,000 bounces (approx. 80–480 hrs of usage)
  • EnduroLast 4 Cords - four knots, 7 adjustable tension settings, tested to 1,200,000 bounces (approx. 120–720 hrs of usage)
  • EnduroLast XF Cords - four knots, 7 adjustable tension settings, more inner strands resulting in a thicker cord diameter and a firmer bounce, tested to 1,600,000 bounces (approx. 160–960 hrs of usage)