JumpSport Classic and Original (pre-2017) AlleyOOP Safety Enclosure Installation Tips

We understand that setting up the JumpSport Classic and Original (pre-2017) AlleyOOP safety enclosures can be tedious but we assure you, it is worth the effort!

Please read steps 1-3 for an overall picture of the installation process and then begin installing with step 4.

  1. The top of the net has a thick strap woven through it that will sit inside the open ball end caps (or in the eye hooks at top of poles if your unit was produced before 2006). 
  2. The net is rather "fluid" on that strap, in that it can move easily all along it kind of like a shower curtain moves along a shower rod.  Before you hang a curtain, you first install the rod, so the installation will begin with the strap.
  3. Focusing on the top strap, you will pull snugly from one ball cap to the other until finally, after you pass by pole 1, you see how the strap will overlap to form the top of the hourglass that defines the entryway.
  4. Following the directions starting on page 11 for both the round and rectangular diamond weave safety enclosure. Start the process at the top of pole 1 (the right side of the entry- over a horizontal leg), and pass other poles clockwise, focusing on having no slack in the strap between pole caps.  If you have no slack, you will see the overlap as shown in step 8 on bottom of page 12.  
  5. Once you have that overlap, you will likely notice between some poles that the diamonds in the net are long and skinny and the net hangs below the trampoline edge rail. Between other poles, you might see long and flat diamonds with the net higher than the trampoline edge rail indicating the net (not the strap) is pulled too tight.  To fix this, from inside the enclosure, while standing on the trampoline, start at a pole and lift the strap out of the cap or eye-hook to shift some net in the direction it is most needed and the same spot of the strap will go back where it was initially.

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