Why can't I find a particular video?

At JumpSport Fitness TV we want to help you move well and feel great. In order to do this, we regularly review, retire and/or refresh our workout videos. The decision to remove a video on JumpSport Fitness TV may be based on any or all of the following criteria: production quality, available rights, popularity, seasonality, advances and/or changes in teaching methodology, and to make room for fresh new content. We also sometimes move digital content from one category to another to improve user experience, accommodate technology restraints or leverage new features. 

We recommend using the search bar on our platform to search for content that you believe may have been moved. Because of the above noted reasons, JumpSport Fitness TV cannot guarantee that video titles will always remain available on our platform and/or within a particular subscription. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but are happy to be able to provide you with an abundant amount of fresh content on our platform. Refreshing and/or removing content from a video streaming platform for the above noted reasons is common practice in the video streaming industry.