What is included with an Extend Protection Plan with Accident Coverage?

JumpSport + Extend Protection Plan with Accident Coverage

Accidents happen where life happens. Enjoy peace of mind with protection that you can use right away, plus full coverage after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I add an accidental damage plan and what's covered? Accidents happen… but don’t worry! Your product is protected in case of accidental damage such as breaks, tears, drops and liquid spills for the term of your Extend protection plan. And if your Extend plan’s term is longer than the manufacturer’s warranty, this plan also covers all mechanical components outlined under JumpSport’s regular manufacturer warranty coverage.

What's not covered? This plan does not cover shipping and cosmetic damage, weathering (such as wind and lightning), improper installation, theft or damage caused by abuse or misuse. Click here for the full terms and conditions. 

When is it covered? Accident protection plans work a little differently than standard extended warranties. Your accident protection through Extend begins as soon as you purchase the product and lasts for the full term of the plan you selected. The coverage for mechanical damage, though, starts after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. An example might make it a little clearer… Let's say that on January 1, 2019 you purchased a product with a one-year manufacturer's warranty along with a two-year accident protection plan from Extend. Extend would cover you for accidental damage from day one through January 1, 2021 (two total years). Your manufacturer's warranty would cover your product for mechanical and electrical damage through January 1, 2020 (the first year), and then your Extend protection plan would protect you from mechanical and electrical damage after your manufacturer warranty expires through January 1, 2021 (the second year). Make sense?

What do I need to provide if I file a claim? When filing a claim with Extend, you will simply need to provide either your contract ID, email address, or other identifying piece of information.

How do I file a claim with Extend? Contact Extend at customers.extend.com/claims or by phone at (877) 248-7707. They’ll process your claim in minutes and help you get your trampoline repaired! Easy as pie.

What if I need to return my product? You return your product, JumpSport returns the money you paid for the protection plan. Depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, the refund will be pro-rated.

Want the full story? View the Extend Service Agreement.